About L. R. W. Lee

ArtCanvasI had the rare and valuable opportunity to work with a mentor while building my company.  Over the course of several years, I had the privilege of getting to know a man who lives out high ethical standards and well-thought-through philosophies that guide every aspect of his life.  I learned much!  I found that our culture does not teach, nor challenge us to think through these principles that can make life significantly more meaningful and enjoyable.  The principles I learned and embodied as a result of this experience changed my life.

​Because I believe these principles can change your life, too, I am passionate about sharing them with you through the vehicle of my books, woven throughout the story line.  Some of the principles that changed my life include:  overcoming frustration, impatience and fear – really.  As well, understanding why, pragmatically, it makes sense to tell the truth, and understanding how responsibility, diligence and especially dignity are the keys to one’s success in life.

​It is my hope that kids as well as adults reading this series will come away having been entertained, but more importantly,equipped with tools to better cope with life and its difficulties.


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